Drive Zed Ded: Improving Your Zombie Apocalypse Game

Drive Zed Ded: Improving Your Zombie Apocalypse Game

logo of drive zed ded zombie apocalypse game

The zombie apocalypse (game) has arrived! Clear the city blocks to escape!

Drive Zed Ded (DZD) is the first PC game from BROSGN Studios and is the beginning of our own zombie-slaying franchise. DZD is a zombie apocalypse game with a unique twist…

Drive through zombies in the city and battle zed bosses in the undead arena!

If you’re looking for a unique take on a dystopian zombie future, then DZD is for you! Fast cars, drifting, spinning saws, wrecking balls, zombie bosses, and zeds that spit fire…we’ve got it all!

Battle your way through waves of zombies in a variety of vehicles. Equip your vehicles with weapons to help you shred the undead. Take on powerful bosses to advance through the levels. Escape the city and dominate zeds in the desert. 

Drive Zed Ded features a smooth driving experience with multiple driving style modes. You can control your vehicles with your keyboard or use your PC game controller. Earn money for taking out zombies and use it to upgrade your cars and weapons. Unlock new levels and challenge bosses as you progress.

You can even post your best clear times and rule the leaderboards! DZD has everything you could want and more from a zombie apocalypse game!

Don’t get complacent! It’s what the zombies would want!

This may be our first PC title but don’t let that fool you. Our development team is pouring everything we have into making this franchise best-in-class in its genre! Prepare yourself for a lasting zombie experience because we’re planning a multiple-title release for PC gamers! This first title is just the initial installment of Drive Zed Ded!

Check out our first Drive Zed Ded sneak peek!

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