Want to advertise with or sponsor BROSGN?

BROSGN offers a variety of opportunities for businesses, communities, projects, and individuals to advertise with and sponsor the BRO Sports & Gaming Network. With five active websites in the BRO ecosystem, a multitude of games with naming rights and customization, and a growing blog and social media presence, BROSGN could be the perfect fit for you!

Here is a list of our current sponsors in the BRO ecosystem:

  • 3Speak Poker Tournament: 3Speak sponsors a weekly 30-HIVE freeroll tournament at BROsinoPoker.com. The tournament is held every Wednesday at 12:00pm ET. “3Speak is a place where content creators directly own their onsite assets and their communities. Using blockchain technology, the ownership of these assets and communities are intrinsic to the creator and the user, not 3Speak.” Click here to learn more about 3Speak.
  • Fearless Blackjack: Fearlessgu enjoys playing blackjack and loves writing articles about gaming, tech, and occasionally crypto. He has been blogging on the Hive blockchain since November and has blogged exclusively on Hive once it launched. Click here to play Fearless Blackjack! Be fearless at the table, climb the leaderboards, and maybe even take home some HIVE tokens for your effort!
  • Celsius’ Kinky Wheel: As a long-time supporter and player of the Hive Poker Leagues and the BROsino, Celsius has been a great friend to everything BRO! His generous donations have helped keep our games fresh and our prizes flowing! Click here to visit his Hive blog. Click here to play Celsius’ Kinky Wheel!
  • BlameBeth Bingo: Beth is about to take over the world…maybe. Also maybe not. But if anything ever goes wrong, you know who to blame! Please show your support by visiting Beth’s blog and playing BlameBeth Bingo.
  • Deranged Contests Video Poker: Deranged Contests is a series of daily themed photography contests. It is set up so that people of all skill levels can participate and be rewarded. The rewards are given in the form of upvotes from the Deranged Contests Hive account that has a large stake in both PHOTO and CCC tokens on Hive Engine.
    Click here to play Deranged Contests Video Poker!
  • InTheNow Slots: InTheNow is a leading graphics artist in the industry and a longtime supporter of the BRO Poker League and the BRO Sports & Gaming Network. Show your support by visiting his Hive blog and playing InTheNow Slots.
  • CryptoBrosef.com Slots: A leading cryptocurrency news, price, and information website that provides a free portfolio manager along with many other useful cryptocurrency tools as well as free cryptocurrency games. Show your support by visiting CryptoBrosef.com and playing the CryptoBrosef.com Slots.

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