BROSGN is an acronym for the Blockchain Revenue Optimized Sports & Gaming Network, casually referred to as the “BRO Sports & Gaming Network,” or just “BRO” or “BRO Network.” Our social media and network funding originates on the Hive blockchain – a distributed ledger that uses the HIVE cryptocurrency as rewards and staking tokens for content related to activity such as blogging and gaming.

The BRO Sports & Gaming Network has an expanding ecosystem. Here are some of our other sites:

  • The BROsino: BROSGN’s virtual casino with completely FREE gameplay where you can earn HIVE cryptocurrency by winning at games like slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and dice! Achieve a predetermined amount of credits and then “cash out” for real crypto tokens!
  • BROsinoPoker.com: BROSGN’s multiplayer poker site where poker players can earn HIVE cryptocurrency by cashing out chips earned through freeroll tournaments, sit-n-go’s, and ring games! BROsino Poker is completely FREE to get started on building your chip stack!
  • BRO.Poker: BROSGN’s multiplayer poker site designed for independent leagues and customization. BRO.Poker allows anyone to create and manage their own league, including schedules and variations of poker games, and also allows for custom tables, chips and distribution, and managed entry/participation.
  • BROcity: BROSGN’s browser-based, multiplayer mass-online role-playing game (MMORPG) for casual gamers that is currently in open beta. Players can earn respect around the city while leveling up their character through jobs, school, property and item purchases, and even fighting and racing other online players. Hive Keychain integration allows in-game purchases with HIVE tokens.

You can find more details about the BRO ecosystem on our Hive blog and can find regularly updated information here: BRO Sports & Gaming Network Information.